Father Luke was the rector of the Convitto San Tommaso in Rome when I was there. He was not a man, he was a mountain.

Fr Luke Dempsey obituary: Irish priest and wandering scholar

Born: February 7th, 1934 Died: February 9th, 2020 Fr Luke Dempsey, who has died two days after his 86th birthday, was one of a cohort of Irish clergy…
Don Reto Nay
He spent most of his life abroad. In Italy he was Padre Luca, in Jerusalem Père Luc. He certainly never gave up on the Irish way of speaking English. He had a dry humour. He was among those Irishmen who would answer a question with another question. He was always there for Laudes, Vespers and Mass. He was one of the most unusual personalities I have ever met in my life.
Dr Bobus
I was thinking of him the other day, knowing he was now in his 80s and wondering whether he was still alive.

A generous man who liked to bring serious students into the convitto. He was formed in the Dominican life, only to see the bottom drop out of it after Vatican 2. Somehow he learn to survive.
Holy Cannoli
May he rest in peace.