De Profundis

Everyone is laughing, including the Pope

Vatican Media photos of Pope’s encounter today with US Bishops’ Conference President Cardinal DiNardo, @CardinalSean, @ArchbishopGomez, and Msgr Bransfield
Was diese grauen Eminenzen wohl so erheitert? Die ganze Welt zeigt derzeit mit dem blanken Finger auf die katholische Kirche. Das kann demnach also nicht der Grund für diese entspannte Runde sein.
angry bob
Freakin' coffee klatch.
Irish and Catholic
Behind each priest, there is a demon fighting for his fall. If we have the language to criticize them. We must have twice as much to pray for them.
- St Therese .. LISTEN TO A SAINT!!!!!!!
Holy Cannoli
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Ha, ha , ha. Children's lives destroyed, souls in hell, the Church disgraced, people leaving in droves. What do we care!
@Jim Dorchak We have been for decades!
Jim Dorchak
I am afraid that we are the joke!
Here is another one
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Jocular is not a reassuring look right now.
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