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French Cardinal Plays Waitress in Medieval Church

The medieval church of Saint-Bonaventure in Lyon, France, was turned into a restaurant for "the poor" on November 18 by Cardinal Philippe Barbarin. He was also the main actor. Dressed in an apron, …
De Profundis
In this video the chef cook say with pride :"its' the first time in the world, a church, a CONSECRATED church, is transformed in 24h into a restaurant. ."
De Profundis
The trial of Cardinal Philippe Barbarin of Lyon begins today. AFP reports, he "is to go on trial on Monday charged with failing to report a priest who abused boy scouts in the 1980s and 90s.

Cardinal Philippe Barbarin, the archbishop of Lyon, is to stand trial along with five others from his diocese over allegations that they helped cover up abuse in one of the parishes in the area.

... He deni… More
What is wrong with the man? You are meant to worship GOD - not mankind. Turning the Holy of Holies into a bar-cafe would have led to your being stoned to death under the Old Priestly Covenant. Do you think that Our Lord views things any differently NOW than He did then? Do you think that His Sanctity has deteriorated or His Supreme Majesty decreased?
Truth is, it is not HIS Sanctity that has dete… More
In Newchurch, the highest act of worship is to feed the poor. God is way down on the list.
A Church as a Cardinal's PR prop. Those look like some perfect tables to flip over. This guy is worse than the money changers.
Jim Dorchak
It would be a bigger surprise if he played a Bishop concerned with the souls in his charge.
No, that would be too weird. Not weird is Bergoglian showy humility in the manner of the Pharisees.