New Interview Book: Francis Sells Straw Man

In the interview-book “Without Him We Can Do Nothing” (November 5) Francis attacks groups which “discriminate” against other cultures and view them as “unworthy” of receiving the Gospel. According …
Bergoglio denounces Amazon Synod critics as racist…
Pope Benedict already rejected paganism-affirming proposals made in Amazon Synod working doc
🔥🔥🔥The Ford Foundation / REPAM manifesto for destroying the Catholic Church SUPPORTED AND PROMOTED BY THE ANTI POPE BERGOGLIO…/the-ford-founda…
🔥🔥🔥Manifest Fundacji Forda / REPAM za zniszczenie Kościoła katolickiego wspierany i promowany przez antypapieża Bergoglio…/the-ford-founda…
This Argentinian Jesuit presents a chronic left-projection syndrome. and 2 more users like this. likes this.
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Perhaps we should not blame this all on the "Jesuits". In our days, from the Jesuits only the name has remained. The Novus-Ordo communities are all the same. and one more user like this. likes this.
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Actually, the reverse is true. What Francis is saying is that the only cultures worthy to receive the Gospel are those influenced by German Existentialism, coincidentally promoted by Jesuits.
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Karl Rahner still lives.
Rahner was wrong, but he was much more intelligent than this.
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