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Francis Introduces Suit And Necktie Liturgy

The photo was taken at a eucharist presided by Francis in the chapel of Santa Marta Hotel, Vatican. #newsAvyklupysx
That's how the Holy Mass is served is Opus Dei male centers.
The necktie guy reminds me of a protestant minister. How nice.
Pope Francis actually still celebrates Mass? Who would have guessed? :D
Watch the "epicletic gesture." Is such a Mass valid? It's at least doubtful.
Nothing new: for the last 7 years it's been like this. The only novelty is that because of the virus-crowned, the masses being suppressed in all Italy, Mr. Antichrist broadcasts his own, alone and unique, in streaming since yesterday, and in full: it's the crowned god!
What else will God have to show the elected in mass deception to recognize pope Benedict XVI?
Business as usual!