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Cardinal Napier Runs Amok Against EWTN’s Raymond Arroyo

“Conservative” Cardinal Wilfrid Napier of Durban, South Africa, attacked EWTN journalist Raymond Arroyo on Twitter (December 3). Arroyo is appreciated for his weekly show “World Over” where he …
Il faut savoir que Napier, autrefois conservateur, a tourné casaque, adhérent à l'Apostasie ambiante : c'est le fruit de l'Antéchrist.
These attacks where you find one set of Traditionalists throwing spiritual missiles at another group (who are trying to be true!) can be called "schismatic" also.

Another example of such behaviour can be seen in the case of Church Militant T V
I admire Michael Voris a lot for his firm brave stance denouncing corruption in the hierachy of at Rome . Yet, it's awful, when he calls "Schismatics" … More
We need bishops of good will that believe in the Truth and love a transparent Church to speak courageous be the sheppards of our LOrd Jesus
This Cardinal said that cohabitation before marriage can be legit.
Filthy Frank probably chuckles at how his would be minions degrade themselves.