Cardinal Müller Uncovers [Francis'] Heresies

The root of the [alleged] abuse crisis is "not clericalism, whatever that might be" but the "turning away from the truth" and "moral licentiousness”, Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller said in a homily …
Look, there are very few good/great choices for our next Pope. What we need to do right now is to stop the bleeding and start immediately to fix this awful mess. Muller can do that as well as anyone...then we can discern who is the best long-term choice.
De Profundis
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Dr Bobus
Roberto 55
The best pope will be "only" bishop Schneider of Kazakhstan.
Almighty God bless you, Father Gerhard, for proclaiming the truth. Our Christ Jesus, Is The Truth.
Dr Bobus
He will not be the next pope.
Muller is our next Pope....what are we waiting for?
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Dr Bobus
Francis was educated in post modern Jesuit moral theology, which was inspired by German Existentialism. In this approach moral principles are acknowledged, but observance of morality, esp sexual morality, is comsidered relatively unimportant.