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Priest who painted ‘Sodomite Christ’ to exhibit artwork at huge LA religious conference | News

February 10, 2020 (Joseph Sciambra) — From February 21–23, 2020, during the annual Los Angeles Religious Education Congress (LA REC), the artwork …
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This is why The Church used to burn blasphemers at the stake. The Chinese general Sun Tzu proposed a similar strategy, 500 years before Christ.
Hugh N. Cry
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You don't have to like him, but calling people "faggot" is the first step, the next is a bloodbath. You are not better, no way! You are disgusting just the same!
Hugh N. Cry
I have witnessed first hand the evil destruction and perfidy that active homosexuals have not only wrought in the Church, but secular society as well. I stick by my words of calling it like it is. You not only jump to conclusions (words to violence), but seem like an enabler.