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"Abuse Crisis": Francis Kneels In Front of the Media

Pope Francis wrote an eight page letter (below) to the US bishops who gathered this week for a retreat at Mundelein seminary, Illinois. He called the retreat a necessary step in dealing with the alle… mentioned this post in Francis: Aborted Babies Are "in Heaven" - Abortion Mothers Should "Sing Lullabies" For Them.
De Profundis
Is Francis planning on making copies of his letter for the bishops of Germany, Ireland, Spain, France, etc.?
I listen to nothing of what Francis says. I only look at his actions
Vatican 2 needs to be dismantled immediately and the traditional mass needs to made maditory all across the world( expecially in the USA)...
De Profundis
Pope Francis says that he wanted to go on retreat with the US Bishops, but "despite best efforts" his physical presence in Chicago wasn't possible.
Only since Vatican II the Church has needed "running", before that we were led by Tradition.
Jim Dorchak
Yadda de Yadda de Yadda da da.....
"The Church's credibility was seriously undercut by the popes' and bishops' betrayal of the Faith and Liturgy since Second Vatican Council." Amen.
Jim Dorchak
I have fancied the saying "Pope Who?"..........
And to add to Jim Dorchak's post: "Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah"..........