Francis' Mumbo-Jumbo Has "No Connection" to Paganism - Bishop Claims

He saw the idols venerated at last Friday's Vatican mumbo-jumbo before, Spanish-born Puerto Maldonado Bishop David Martínez O.P., 49, Peru, said at the October 7 Amazon Synod’s press conference. …
Sad just sad. This is a bISHOP and he does not know the faith.
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I like your intensely charitable and hopeful outlook  !. Genuine ignorance is far easier to correct than willful ignorance and spiritual blindness. O my Lord have mercy!
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In Chile we say: Jajajajajajaja. thanks Jim.
Bad philosophy makes bad theology
The world needs anther St Thomas Aquarius !
Pray for us
St. Thomas Aquinas sorry
I agree! I think they tend to prefer the "Nouvelle Theologie " and the Age of Aquarius though.
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