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Poor kid ,Adults lack of inteligency and spirituality
What is spiritual abortion?
Those who watch this show, elderly, with their applause are DEPRAVATORS...
Depravation level reached highest point.
Devil's time.
Time of Apostasy.
This child is not blameless as he is well into the age of reason. It shows that evil can manifest itself even in the young.
Holy Cannoli
Seeing the clapping monkeys in the audience smile, cheer and applaud is disgusting. When you put political correctness ahead of morality, you just get depravity. And what of editorial judgement at ABC? Someone at ABC had to decide that this subject matter is acceptable and mainstream to put it on TV.
Don Reto Nay
There are no "news", news are made (up).
Ode to "Munchausen By Proxy"
Be yourself the crowd did bray
Yet see child act the self same way
As models he was groomed to be
For those with eyes sure all can see.
So tell me child, who fed your mind
To strut and pout like lustful kind?
And who, pray tell, did paint your face
To take the boy and leave no trace?