I protest against the power of mad minorities to treat the majority as if it were another minority. But still more do I protest against the conduct of the majority if it surrenders its representative right so easily.
That costume. :D Oh my stars... It's G-Force! <3 www.youtube.com/watch
Briefly: where to do the red arrows point, the only female has no trousers, but uncovers the backside of the medal when being hurled into the adventure (1:10 of the trailer)
Points to the giang "G" for G-Force. :P This was a kid's show from 1970s Japan, which to this day has some of the strongest censorship on nudity in animation in the world.
Unrepentant Jorge of the Pachamamas and wolves in sheep's clothing.
St Michael the Archangel defend us in battle
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God will save us little ones, these fools will be punished...
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