"From my perspective as an atheist as well as a career college teacher, secular humanism has been a disastrous failure. Too many young people raised in affluent liberal homes are arriving at elite … More
De Profundis

MercatorNet: ‘Comparative religion is the true multiculturalism’

Camille Paglia on the dearth of meaning in youthful lives and how to remedy it.
i believe he is a courageous man ,and a voice in the wilderness ,of Canada ,God has worked before with people that are not catholics to do good things for humanity
No such thing as Judeo-Christianity. That's an oxymoron. juden peterstein is a charlatan and shabos goy. He's fooled many Christians and conservatives with his psycho babble for sheckles. Very dangerous man. He is a UN Globalist.
He has some videos on Jesus, the Faith, God and what have you: they are very clever, very evil, I should say, satanic. A very dangerous man. Peterson is a pro-jew man, which is unacceptable for a Christian, I mean, as you say, would be an oxymoron: a pro-jew Christian