Germany: Feminist Liturgical Dance Will Make You Wet your Pants

Over a thousand almost exclusively older women belonging to the German Catholic women organization “KFD” participated at a July 2 "pilgrimage" to Bethen, Münster Diocese. Their feminist mantras went …
I am moved. To get a sponge. I just blew my coffee all over my computer screen. Well done Vatican 2!
The church has become a parody of it self.
not impressive at all ... it looks like a cult dance of some king ... dressed in BLACK with red sash or is it a stole,,, we don't see young people as spectators ... seniors entertaining other senile seniors ... this is surely the last stages of our dying church .. Please God have mercy on us and Maranatha ..
This is not about glorifying God. It looks like it is all about them !!!!!
This is embarrassing. There is no fool like an old fool.