Francis' Effect in Argentina: Catholics Are the New Protestants

The percentage of Argentine "Catholics" decreased by 13.6% in the last decade according to the "Secunda encuesta nacional sobre creencias y actitudes religiosas en Argentina" by the government …
The Jesuit Liberation Theologians did to parts of South American what the Chinese are doing to the Uighurs.
Can someone get statistics on the Catholic Church in general or point us to where these are available? Thank you
The bishops and cardinals live like kings instead they should be like simple sheppards (like Jesus disciples, live a simple life not in luxury )and take care of the sheep teaching them the Faith and Truth of our Lord Jesus Christ .
At one time Argentina was for all intensive purposes 100% Catholic. Now it is not even cATHOLIC. Unfortunately Chile is the same.... all of Latin America follows this same model. Who's at fault? The church. The cATHOLIC church.
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And yet, the last conclave elected someone from Latin America? It is clearly the power of the enemy at work.
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These men will have a lot to answer for.
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