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Medjugorje Shrine Will Be Enlarged

A group of architects are preparing the extension of the shrine of the alleged apparitions in Medjugorje, Bosnia, according to Archbishop Henryk Hoser, the Apostolic Visitator to Medjugorje. Hoser …
Medjugorje is the Continuation and Fulfillment of Fatima!
Archbishop Hoser is a poser who needs a good Spiritual Smackdown! Before it's too late for him....😇
Medjugorje is not only false, it is demonic. Utter garbage!
Medjugorje is Heaven on Earth. I can't wait to go 😎😍😇💪🏼👍🏼👌🏼🙏🏼💋❤
Charisma - it's not a sin to state that Medjugorje is false. The local Ordinary has stated that the non-supernaturality has been proven. The CDF Commission found against it, but Pope Francis - for reasons best known to himself has seen fit to try and rescue the sham:…/pope-francis-iv…
It is unfair to call it false - no such official qualification for that.
Using 'alleged' is the proper word.
No news editor is entitled to change/amend the words of an archbishop - who never told it is false. Brackets do not even help in this case...

It is not a sin to believe in the apparitions, but it is a sin to misqualify it like here.
Medjugorje is Heaven
alex j
Medjugorje is a money making operation using alleged apparitions of OBL as a marketing strategy. Even our 'our wayward Pope' has trouble in accepting/or pronouncing any form of validation for the claims of Medjugorje. Significantly, both Francis and Pope John Paul 11 avoided visiting Medjugorje when visiting that region. Three successive Bishops discounted the veracity of heavenly visitations … More
@alex j, There is not other apparition where the opinion of local bishops (and of the former Yugoslav bishops) were overriden by the Vatican. NO formal validation will probably be made until the apparitions are ongoing.
"Putting the cart before the horse" - first facts then [never] approval.
Well, they need to rake in as much cash as possible before the balloon goes up, I guess . . .
Wow what a thoughtful statement made by the dumbed down simpleton.
went believing came away doubting 1993