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Franciscan Friars Arrested for Giving Roses to Women at Abortion Clinic

In a “Red Rose Rescue,” Franciscan Friars in New Jersey were arrested for giving roses and words of encouragement to women at an abortion clinic, reports (January 2). The incident happ…
Father has been arrested five times for participating in the Red Rose Rescues.

Kathryn Jean Lopez: Why do you keep going into abortion clinics with roses?
Fr. Fidelis Moscinski: Because there is an urgent need to reach out to mothers in crisis pregnancies, especially when all other efforts to dissuade them from abortion have failed. I have seen the devastating impact abortion has had on women. … More
These friars just sealed their entrance into heaven by their heroic actions...don’t feel bad fellow Catholics, these friars are happy because they know they have made Jesus smile...
The cops arrest the peaceful brother and do nothing while babies are being murdered in the abortion mill. What a world.
unfurtunatly the officers ,they have to follow a chain of command ,who ask them to be there are the guilty ones
These police officers are just as guilty.