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Cheated by the popes

Why did you close heaven - for us and for you?
The Novus Ordo is pure sugar and rots the soul. Many prelates hate the traditional mass because they know it is intrinsically beautiful and attractive to the young. They are terrified that the real mass will cause the implosion of the protestant ,"mass" they love.
After my first I felt anger at the sob's who hid this Mass from us. I was just a little boy when they did that. I'm still angry about it after all these years. How dare they take our patrimony and hide it, as if it was theirs to do whatever they wanted with it.
Thank God you have found the true Mass. If one wants a protestant 'praise and worship ' service he will remain in the novus ordo sect. If one desires the true Catholic Mass, where Jesus is offered to His Father in an unbloody manner, he will seek out the Traditional Latin Mass. I urge you to follow your Catholic conscience, that obviously is being prompted by God Himself, to seek out the truth. … More
De Profundis
This was once the priesthood