Benedict Called Sarah, While Gänswein Was Away

Sandro Magister (February 12) writes that in the morning of January 15, Benedict called Cardinal Sarah, first at home, and then, because he was not there, at his office. A sorrowful Benedict …
In short, Magister Reports that:
BXVI had to dodge Ganswein to call Sarah on January 15
They wept together on phone
BXVI met Sarah on January 17 and wrote a statement
The statement is being hidden by the Holy See even now
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We're in a fool's market. Here is the truth: Bergoglio, Gänswein, Ratzinger, same fight, knowledge, destroy the Church!
What I am saying is shocking, but it is the truth for those who want to dig a little deeper, and it is a shocking piece of information that is not phony!
so, why is Ganswein still PBXVI's secretary? Maybe, both jobs (Papal Household and PBXVI's sec) were too time consuming. Evidence? this book got OUT........ Maybe, Ganswein's been told: This screws up my Amazon exhortation plans. Don't let anything else happen on your watch !
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Thus the malevolent will of antipope Bergolio shafts Pope Benedicts sinister house guard.
I have no sympathy for Ganswein.
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Che's gaygestapo is watching on those who are against him.
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