Vincent Lambert died this morning, RIP

After a nine-day agony, Vincent Lambert died this morning at 8:40. His food and his care had been stopped.
Liberté France? What a lie. State execution of an innocent man is murder. Disgusting France! Disgusting!
Court sanctioned, "medically" imposed murder.
Vatican says it received the news of Lambert's death with “pain” while reiterating Pope Francis' words that “God is the only master of life from the beginning to its natural end and it is our duty to preserve it always and not give in to the culture of waste.”
Cardinal Sarah: "On this sad day, I pray for the eternal rest of the soul of Vincent Lambert who died a martyr, a victim of the frightening madness of the men of our time. I pray for his family and especially for his parents, so courageous, so dignified. Let's not be afraid. God is watching"