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Another Viganò Letter: McCarrick Should Publicly Repent

Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, 88, should publicly repent for homosexual abuses he is accused of, the famous whistle-blower, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò wrote in an open letter to him on January 13. …
... very well said Dr Bobus ... one knows what it's all about when a parish in a Diocese is living the very same situation with their priest ... and the damage is huge and countless ...
.. it is also inconceivable that other prelates cannot imagine and come to terms and decisions about this degradation and grave sin .. all eyes are closed and heads are in the sands...
who will answer to all of … More
Dr Bobus

1. McQueerick studied very little theology but has a doctorate in Sociology. As a philosophy prof of mine once said: “The Sophists were the sociologists of their day.”

Sophistry is Relativism.

2. From what we've learned about McQ's life, the homosexual activity had not only happened for many years, becoming habitual, he has considered homosexual to be a principal part of his identity. … More
Bishop Strickland seconds Viganò in asking Cardinal McCarrick to repent…
De Profundis
Vigano: "No matter what decision the supreme authority of the Church takes in your case, what really matters and what has saddened those who love you and pray for you is the fact that throughout these months you haven’t given any sign of repentance."