Catholic Philippines?

The ultra modern Chapel of the La Sallian Martyrs at the De La Salle-College of St. Benilde, Manila, Philippines.
Manila June 2019, Festum Sanctissimi Corporis Christi.

... few traditions are still catholic, so there is some hope.
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I saw images of something similar at Fatima, Portugal where Blessed Virgin Mary appeared... And even on the gates of Nazareth where one can see the place where the Archangel Gabriel hailed Blessed Virgin Mary, they put some sculptures that seems satanic...
Even a satanic artist like H.R. Giger depicted the corpus of Our Lord in a more traditional fashion.
Jim Dorchak, that is a Vatican II house of sin. Not a Catholic Church. You can browse online for how a traditional altar looks like.
Everything in that building mocks Christ.
Will they be building a Chapel for Catholics later?