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Advent At Ephesus - Advent Fire

Immune2BS on Nov 27, 2016 Benedictines Of Mary, Queen Of Apostles sing Advent At Ephesus with a fire in the background. If you like the music, support them by buying their music: music.benedictineso… More
onda A Blessed New Year, 2019....
That is why, Father, I was not able to wish you a Happy Birthday on January 1, 2018, but I remembered you:
Alles Gute zum Geburtstag, don Reto!
Don Reto Nay Father, the computer still needs to be the meantime..
Don Reto Nay
Bad news, but there is a solution :-9
I bought all their albums in mp3 format at Amazon. It's really important to support the sisters. Buying their music is a way to do so. - What makes this album so special is that it is truly an Advent album. There are tons of Christmas albums around, most of them with the same songs repeated over and over, but Advent music is few and far between. Those traditional Benedictines really knew what … More
I have found very little music suitable for Advent. This is lovely! The crackling fire takes a little getting used to, but the singing is angelic!