An Argument For Latin Liturgy - By Dr. Robert Brown

An argument for Latin liturgy is that it brings a sense of the transcendent. By transcendent, I do not necessarily mean "supernatural," but rather that which is not bound to a particular time and … and one more user like this. likes this.
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@Dr Bobus: The Council "Fathers" tried hard to make Veterum Sapientia disappear. They aimed at having a "trans-uncultural" liturgy, I guess.
Dr Bobus
How about rigid insularity?
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Dr Bobus
Nb: In Veterum Sapientia John XIII notes that Latin is transcultural.
“Christ is distressed to see and hear priests and bishops, who ought to be protecting the integrity of the teaching of the Gospel and doctrine, multiply words and writings that weaken the rigor of the Gospel by their deliberately ambiguous, confused statements.” — Cardinal Sarah