This Vatican Insider article from 2013 asks all the pertinent questions regarding +Azevedo, the accusations of abusing a seminarian, and his appointment to the Roman Curia. 5 years later still no … More

The Curia's in trouble again

Portuguese magazine “Visão” has reported that complaints have allegedly been made against Bishop Azevedo, a delegate of the Pontifical Council for …
False Francis promotes homosexual perversion. He hugged and kissed, the homosexual couple that he invited to the embattled Vatikan. False Francis and his false bishops, allow their false priest Martin to travel and instruct Catholics, that filthy unrepentant queers are allowed at mass. More evidence is not needed, there is a ton.
Holy Prophet Isaiah: woe to you who state that good is evil & evil … More
The LaStampa article ends with the following: "If, however, the Holy See was aware of the accusations against him but these had not yet been examined, it is hard to see why he was transferred."

It is hard to see why someone suspected of being a sodomite has been transferred to a haven of practicing sodomites? Are the people at Lastampa mad?