Cardinal Wuerl apologizes to priests, McCarrick victim, says he forgot he knew about harassment …

On verge of being replaced, the D.C. cardinal apologizes for "pain and suffering" he caused
Wuerl is lying again.
Faithless, worldly "men" with no fear of the Lord. How could he love He Who Is Truth when he abandons truth each time it's convenient? Being comfortable with lies is akin to being comfortable with the father of lies.
Cardinal Wuerl will *not* be celebrating the Mass for Life at the National Shrine on Friday according to the Archdiocese of Washington. Instead the Nuncio, Arch. Christophe Pierre will celebrate Mass Friday morning.
When we really love truth we love even the unpleasant truths.
Jim Dorchak
Yeeeaaahhh he forgot. Right....
What is next? He tripped. He Slipped. It fell out of his pocket.
The dog ate it? Right.... what a worm.