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Vienna Cardinal Defends Gay Dancer on Cathedral’s Communion Rail

It was “not principally inappropriate” to [ab]use Vienna Cathedral for a scene in the [gay] show Jedermann reloaded, Dr Dorothee Bauer, a spokesperson for pro-gay Vienna Cardinal Schönborn wrote …
Ut legem credendi lex statuat supplicandi.
“that the law of praying establishes the law of believing”.St. Prosper of Aquitaine
Hell is hot, pray for them
For the cardinal, nothing that attacks God is inappropriate.
The House of God its not for shows ,its for prayer ,thanks giving ,meditation ,reconciliation ,to God
Simply unbelievable prophecies from Stigmatic Marie Julie Jahenny.

September 29, 1878

She sees the temporary triumph of Freemasonry, the secularized priest; all these enemies want churches to become theatres of infernal dances and will continue implacably in their aim to obtain the cessation of Holy Mass.

March 29, 1879

And she adds, on the 29th of March 1879, that this would happen mainly … More
Some people really DO want to burn don't they.
'Pro' is probably redundant here.