With all the talk about Cardinal McCarrick's pajama parties for young priests and seminarians, I thought it best to include something on a great priest.
Dr Bobus

Obituary for Father John C. REINKEMEYER at Livingston Funeral Home

Father John C. Reinkemeyer, 90, died Thursday, March 15, 2012. Fr. Reinkemeyer was born in Rich Fountain, Missouri the son of Hubert and Clara Fick …
Dr Bobus
This morning after mass a lady from Wichita and I were talking about Fr Reinkemeyer--she said he was her all time favorite priest. Maybe mine too. Fr R was a character. Drove a motorcycle all winter. Slept on the floor. Was given the poorest parish in Wichita, and so he had a 7:00pm Sunday mass that attracted people with some money. His homilies were usually sprinkled with quotes from the … More