Vatican attempts to expel Italian Citizen from Italy as an Illegal Immigrant!

By Br. Alexis Bugnolo Rome, Italy: Feb. 11, 2020: The title of this report is as incredible as it sounds. For almost seven years Jorge Mario Bergogli…
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"vindictive and vicious toward anyone who crosses him."

Irony from the man who lashes out at anyone who factually disproves his fantasties about Benedict still being Pope, Francis being an "anti-Pope" or communion on the tongue spreading disease.
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The mercy of Francis is always administered with the knout
Catholics must understand that antipope francis is both vindictive and vicious toward anyone who crosses him.
His public violent treatment of women and the instant removal of any nearby cleric who might intrude on his liberal agenda are all publicly seen.
Be.Alexis has exposed the facade of the antipope and must be punished.
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