Nancy Pelosi is Demanding Facebook and Twitter Remove This Video

S peaker of the House “Nasty” Nancy Pelosi, and other Democrats, have demanded that Facebook and Twitter remove a meme video that President Trump …
Obviously Nasty Nancy isn't fond of the truth
We need to remember we are followers of Jesus. We are in a crusade. Yes, there are those with whom we disagree, but we are following Jesus. We must be ready to defend the Church, but always in the way Jesus showed us.
This woman is possessed by DEVIL !
Alex A
@Piotr2000> That's heavy on the devil!
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Bergoglio is a harridan....
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Pelosi is a bitter harridan.
She also worships at the new church now being created by the excommunicated and even more bitter Jorge Bergoglio SJ, [stage name"pope francis"]
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