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"It Seemed Like They Were Handing Out Lollipops with Abortions"

Bobby and I found out, in March of last year, that we were going to be parents again. After a tough miscarriage a few months before, we were beyond excited. We decided to wait until after the first …
Don Reto Nay
@Jungerheld: For his business the 3rd scenario would be the most advantageous: because sick children need a lot of doctors...
@Don Reto Nay, you are right. And so, we have these scenarios: 1) as in this beautiful story, the mother fights off the doctor and staff with courage and perseverance, loving her child from the moment she knew she was pregnant and rewarded with growing faith; 2) the doctor and mother conspire to end the life of the [beautiful] imperfect invalid or imperfect situation.

There is no 3rd scenario … More
Don Reto Nay
@Jungerheld: Why? Because the doctor will be sued by the mother if he allows an invalid child to be born. You are not allowed to use the word "invalid" but you are supposed to kill an invalid child. Now how shall we call this?
You often hear accusations of politicians intruding on a patient's special relationship with their doctor. And yet, this mother was repeatedly asked if she wanted to abort. It sounds like she made it clear in no uncertain terms that she would not abort. And yet they persisted. Why?
God bless you for choosing life
God Blessed you both!