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Jewish Guest Removes Crucifix in Church Hall – Diocese Keeps Quiet

A crucifix was removed from the wall by a Jewish guest invited to an "inter-religious conference” in Piacenza, Italy. The portraits of Pope Francis and Piacenza-Bobbio, Bishop Gianni Ambrosio, …
.. all throughout history, that Chosen Race was always confronting God, challenging, disobeying and refusing to accept God's precepts, ... and how they treated God's Son: by whipping, making Him carry a heavy Cross, and nailing Him to the Cross until dead ..
rigid necks they have ... and today they throw Jesus out again because they still don't believe in His salvation and merciful deliverance ..… More
Don't want to offend anybody now , do we? Christ said that those who were ashamed of Him, He would deny at their judgement.
Holy Cannoli
Rabbi Elia Richetti is rumored to have said:
"Oy, we Jews love 'dialogue.' Now, what's for nosh?"
Jim Dorchak
come on what did you expect.... of either the Jew guy or the (p)riest?
Ha, he apologized afterwards, right? So convenient!!!
What did the Rabbi say?