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Francis Admits Teaching Different Doctrine Than John Paul II And Benedict XVI

Pope Francis has claimed that changing the Catechism regarding death penalty is a “progress of the doctrine of the most recent Pontiffs”. Talking to members of the “International Commission against …
Clericalism = pope Francis doctrine
There is only one doctrine and its Jesus Christ doctrine ,Popes are only guardians of His doctrine
It is clear that Francis sees the death penalty as evil in itself and never justifiable even in the past, thus exploding the desperate attempts by some "conservatives" to spin his change to the CCC as not being a change of doctrine.
All penalties are application of justice, not selfdefense. There are crimes, especially heinous that deserve the ultimate punishment. When the antichristian communist kabbalist frankist jew Bergoglio says these things, he is attaking Christianity and "the Christian God" (whatever that expression means). Yesterday, he revealed, expressly, his true colors, he is hellbent on destroying the Church. … More