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America Born Apostolic Nuncio Recommends Traditional Latin Mass

America Born Apostolic Nuncio Recommends Traditional Latin Mass Archbishop Thomas Gullickson, the American-born Apostolic Nuncio in Bern, Switzerland, advertised on his blog a video in which Brian … More
Wrong, Pope Benedict. The Novus Ordo doesn't need to be inspired by the true Mass: the Novus Ordo needs to be disposed of, as it is a destroyer of the Faith and an insult to God. And why would you want to have a Novus Ordo at all, when you have the Traditional Mass? This is more "reform of the reform" baloney. Vatican II was not a reform: it was a destruction and a rebellion, just like the … More
A wonderful announcement to hear.
The last paragraph is odd. It should simply and clearly read Go to Traditional Latin Mass! Instead we get a masterpiece of obfuscation. If I want to attend a Roman Rite I go to a Roman Rite. Why would one attend a Rite that is not clearly identified as a Roman Rite in itself but certainly ought to be "inspired by the Roman Rite" yet calls itself an ordinary form of the Roman Rite. Me thinks … More
Our Lady of Sorrows
"You will be formed in the same way most of the Saints were formed"…