Orbán for Pope: Hungarian Prime Minister Prays on His Knees

The Prime Minster of Hungary, Viktor Orbán, 56, shared on social network a photo of him praying with the Australian self-appointed evangelist Nick Vujicic, 36, born without arms and legs. Orbán was …
Francis kneels before Moslem men, but stands and glares angrily at Our Lord on the altar.
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Orban may be have the wrong religion. But it's hard to see this picture and not believe that he's genuine. In politics, that counts for something.
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Hungary for Vatican :-)))
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“It is not a unity of religions we plead for, but a unity of religious people. We may not be able to meet in the same pew, but we can meet on our knees.”
This quote is found in the book: Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen: A Man for all Media
I do plead for unity....... so did Jesus John 17:21 But, might this be a quote out of context. That is, maybe Archbishop Sheen was talking about an immediate occurrence ....you know, maybe he meant: in the Good Lord's good time.

There is no salvation outside the church, remembering Pius XII's "...invincible ignorance..." Mysitici Corporis
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Powerful. We’ll have to pray for his (their?) conversion to the one true Faith.