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Rambling Archbishop Advocates "Different" Church

Bolognas pro-gay Archbishop Mateo Zuppi repeated during a Youth Synod press conference (October 18) the myth that Pope Francis [allegedly] fosters an attitude of "speaking with everyone" and of "…
Do you see what happens when one is pro-homosexuality? It deforms your mind into accepting a number of false premises....eventually leading to heresy. A heretical mind is very difficult to restore to its original pure state.
All this gibberish can be translated as 'more sodomy, more blasphemy.'
Joseph a' Christian
False priest James Martin, is an exceptionally destructive deceiiver. His full time job is promoting perverse, degrading homosexual ways.

And Jesus shall judge the living from the dead
Lisi Sterndorfer
Orwell on language comes to mind. Christ didn’t spout obscurantist gobbledygook
He gets a doctrine on homosexuality: 1. The Fires of Sodom & Gommorah (Gen 19:24). 2. The condemnation of Christ (Matt 10:15). 3. The condemnation of the Apostle Paul (1 Cor 6:9).
What we need is sheppards to lead all catholics to the Truth ,not world deceiving idiologies