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Cardinal Müller Calls Francis' Clericalism-Theory "Babbling"

Clerical abuses have nothing to do with celibacy or purported ecclesial "power structures", Cardinal Gerhard Müller writes on (January 7). In reality, abuses are about offenders who …
all catholics know in this case that clericalism =homo sexuallty
I’m confident that God is in the process of cleansing his house. It’s like a gigantic broom coming down from heaven cleaning his house first, then the lord of Justice, with cleanse America and the outside nations...pray that God does not do it in a form of chastisement., because chastisement will hurt. Especially if it is in the form of famine and war...
I agree with you, Lalanz. If the Lord restores, He will start with His Church. I don't see anything happening until Our Lady of Fatima is finally obeyed and Russia is consecrated, however. Also, if restoration happens, don't expect it to be painless. His restoration always involves suffering. He flooded the entire world for the sins of man. He incinerated Sodom and Gomorrah for the vile sins of … More
Cardinal Müller is right. Celibacy is not the cause - but it would be the cure . Uphold your vows of Clerical Celibacy fallen "Priesthood" who know not Christ.
God will clean up His Church first and then the other institutions of government and of private industry will be decimated for being the cesspools that they are.
Holy Cannoli
Müller calls Pope Francis identifying "clericalism" as the root of abuses "babbling"

Müller gets it.

His excessive laxity and his tendency for permissiveness has made this pope a pushover for the homos within the church. Even now in his sermons and his letters to bishops it is obvious that he is not asking for any meaningful action on the abuse scandal but continued passivity.