Francis, Mary never introduced herself as a "co-redeemer"

Pope in Guadalupe Mass: Our Lady was not co-redeemer, but she mixed humanity

There is no doubt Pope Francis feels a special devotion to the Empress of the Americas, whom he honors every Dec. 12 with a Mass in St. Peter's …
Susi 47
dear lalanz
even his days are counted,
as well as ours-
just pray the rosary to have mary help us to step on the head of the snake!
lay yourself into the hands of god
and say: jesus you take over me!
as dolindo ruotolo did recommend
you find peace for yourself
god bless you always!
She said YES to Holy Spirit ,to be the ARK of The COVENANT ,To our LOrd Jesus Christ ,Yes She is Co _Redeemer ,the pope likes to invent things
If this is not an antipope, I don’t know what is...
Please Lord take him out, he has caused enough confusion, purposely....
404 Eva.