Fr Mark Goring CC has been silenced [while Martin SJ continues]

Superior orders outspoken priest on sex-abuse scandal to ‘cease and desist’

Father Mark Goring of the Companions of the Cross has appealed to Pope Francis to be permitted to continue talking about the clergy-sex abuse …
What about father Martin ? ,when is he told to "cease and desist " Its so clear what and who the superiores approve ,where the direction they want the catholic church to go ,Those who want to proclaim the Truth ,are told to cease and desist ,those that promote secularism evil idilogies are praised ,Catholics of good will , will resist reject refuse ,cover ups
New rules for priests from Newchurch.: If you speak things Catholic, we will find you and destroy you!
Jim Dorchak
Well gay martin SJ is well gay, and he is the Most Merciful and Holy Father The Pope Francis's spokes person... thing... gay guy.. homo...minion..sick..demented...representative.. and well Fr. Mark Goring CC is Catholic! Simple. Glad I could clear it up.