The Dictator Pope (Marcantonio Colonna)

"If you speak to the Catholics of Buenos Aires, they will tell you of the miraculous change that has taken over Jorge Mario Bergoglio. Their dour, unsmiling archbishop was turned overnight into the … More
AJPM mentioned this post in Le PAPE DICTATEUR par Marc-Antoine Colonna -58-.
I managed to unlock the album. Now the 187 pages are accessible. Take the opportunity to download each image with a right click and you will have all the book in your possession.
(I managed to unlock the album by inserting at the beginning an article in French that explains the book and that you can pass since it is not in your language.)
Happy reading !
This book has 187 pages (images): they are all in this album. But the difficulty is to get to the end: it's a technical problem that Gloria. tv can solve. You should therefore contact Gloria. tv in order to be able to read the whole book. But I repeat: the 187 pages are all in this album, even if we're stuck on page 120. Ask Gloria. tv to solve this technical problem.
paul grech
The Bergoglio Mafia has taken over the Vatican completely. We need to pray and ask the Lord to save us from this spawn of satan.
Joseph a' Christian
Bergoglio is a deceiver according to many people. So is satan.
Jesus Is Truth.
Ci-dessus l'intégralité du livre de Marc-Antoine Colonna, "Le Pape Dictateur", mais en version anglaise. Un traducteur français serait le bienvenu.
Montfort AJPM
Reading this book can be problematic due to the number of images and that in this kind of album circulation can be difficult to achieve. Moreover, not knowing English and the pages not being numbered, it can happen that there are several page inversions.
You will find here the book by Marcantonio Colonna,"The Dictator Pope", which I bought and put in pictures by screenshot. The book is in its entirety.