"The original text does not offer the possibility of an alternative translation. I am not aware of any period in Church history when this translation was questioned. There is simply no grammatical … More
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Biblical scholar on Pope’s change to the Our Father: A loving God can still lead us into temptation

For Christians, ‘the End times are their daily lives,’ biblical scholar Fr. Reto Nay says in an interview on the recent change to the Our Father.
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Holy Cannoli
Very good. A well reasoned and logical rebuttal as to why the Our Father ought not must not can not be changed.

A reasonable question would be why did HH decide to change the Pater now?
Was there an uprising throughout the world objecting to the words ‘lead us not into temptation’?
Were the Germans upset with the translation?
Did biblical scholars suddenly question the … More
I have always wondered why we say " Yours is the kingdom the glory as Henry the VIII changed it too?! ( Sorry can't remember) what we say after the "Our Father" and now we raise our hands like protestants. Does anyone know what I am talking about? :) Sorry...
The English Pater Noster is based on Hal's authorised translation some years before his break with the Church. The doxology of 'for thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory' was added during the reign of Elizabeth I not the ardently Protestant Edward VI, who commenced emptying churches of their furnishings in earnest.
Thank you for the correction prayhard... I am a R.N, not good at history.;)
@onda Thanks. Corrected.
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De Profundis
"For those who live in the Church and according to the Church, the End times are their “daily lives.” The saint experiences in his life all the dramatic signs of the End times, the wicked doesn’t because he lives far away from Christ."
End of times, I just read about the 73 year old priest from Boise Idaho, into Satanism, porn with children.. to disgusting to post. What do we do? My daughter is yelling we must leave the church. I pray for all priest, bishops and cardinals. Of course Holy Father. What more can we do? Can anyone answer this. I will never leave the Catholic faith.. was it not the Masons who came in to destroy the … More