De Profundis
"They paid a terrible enough price for the mass psychosis of the day, when merely moderate behavior, or even the perception of such, already appeared to be a crime." Alexander Solzhenitsyn Address at Dedication of Memorial to Vendée Martyrs 1993
Joseph a' Christian
@De Profundis Very interesting statement of human behavior.
Jesus, The Holy Word is our strength.
Read this, it's a very keen development of that quote:…/the-things-you-…
On whose authority?
On his own. Welcome to the scary world of "executive orders" during a "state of emergency". Mayor Ray Nagin sent the police going door to door confiscating guns from people in New Orleans using that same authority after Hurricane Katrina
Alex A
Pity he couldn't close his mouth permanently!
This happens during every "crisis." The government reverts to a totalitarian system. Mr. De Blasio would never dare close a mosque because his wife and children would get stabbed in the street.