Occupational Therapy: Vatican Carries Out [Mock?] Attack Against German Synod

A prospective synod organized by the German bishops and considered by them to be "binding" has not ecclesiological validity, Cardinal Marc Ouellet, the prefect of the Congregation for Bishops, …
That hit the nail on the head. Never for a moment did I take Ouellet's comments seriously. Who would? Do the Germans wear underwear?
Not the French....the French don't change their underwear.
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The point is that the Germans never said it would automatically be “valid” for the entire Church, but that each diocese or bishops’ conference could go its own way, thus undermining this whole catholicity bit. Stop exulting, orthodox Catholics...the Francis Vatican has done an end run around you once again.
Ironic the Vatican complains about a "synod" that is advancing the same themes the Amazonian Synod will promote. ie.- “women in Church ministries” “sexual morality” “form of priestly life,”.