Protestant Communion: Cardinal Müller Corrects Cardinal Marx

Cardinal Gerhard Müller has pointed out on firstthings.com (April 20) that communion in the sacraments cannot be separated from ecclesial communion. He rebukes Munich Cardinal Reinhard Marx and …
De Profundis
The history of many religious movements illustrates this: religions that are fuzzy at the boundaries are very easy to leave
De Profundis
The greatest threat to a religious institution isn't heresy, but to deny there's such a thing as heresy.
“He who opposes God in unbelief and disobedience hardens his heart and closes his mind,” Cardinal Müller said. “The rigid person,” he added, “is not he who fulfills the commandments of God,” but “he who rejects them with a hard heart and proud mind.”
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If the Protestants want so much to have communion why not be Catholic ,This the message that the german cardinals have to convey.
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Holy Cannoli
To be clear, in the photo Cardinal Gerhard Müller is speaking with the diminutive Peruvian, Fr. Gustavo Gutierrez, the so-called father of Liberation Theology. The Vatican Swamp needs to be drained.