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A Eucharistic miracle in Argentina and what scientists say about it.

Why should you stay Catholic and ask other Christians to be one? Simple. In the Catholic Church, we have Jesus in the Eucharist!
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It's discussed here......
They have further discovered that the Blood Type of all of the Eucharistic Miracles matches that found on both the Holy Shroud of Turin, and the Sudarium of Oviedo

Dr Castanon PHD-Faith&Science
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Powerful scientific proof of Jesus presence to/within us, for those who doubt...
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angry bob
And so now he approves adulterers and protestants to recieve the Holy Eucharist. "Those who believe no explanation is necessary, those who do not believe no explanation will do." Seems to me someone is lacking faith.
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And after all this that transpired, Pope Bergoglio is not known for either genuflecting or kneeling before the Blessed Sacrament. What are we to make of this?
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