Kobe Bryant dead at 41

NBA star Kobe Bryant and his 13 year old daughter Gianna were killed in a helicopter crash along with seven others. Kobe was raised Roman Catholic and in fact attended Mass this morning before the …
Hope he had a good confession before he died...
He was a weekday Mass goer.
In 2015 Kobe Bryant told GQMagazine: "The one thing that really helped me during that process -- I’m Catholic, I grew up Catholic, my kids are Catholic -- was talking to a priest."
Kobe Bryant went to Mass on the same morning as that fateful helicopter ride that took his life. Death comes like a thief in the night.
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You know not the day nor the hour, be prepared. Earthly glory is nothing.
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May his soul rest in peace
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"Raised" Roman Catholic. As far as practicing Catholic, his past says otherwise. Very few Catholics today have been formed correctly. The majority of Catholics today are malformed Catholics and very similar to protestants (cafeteria catholics). I didn't know Kobe was that young. I'll pray for him.
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Dr Bobus
Actually, after some years sewing wild oats, he did become a practicing Catholic
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Like St Augustine.
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