Cardinal Danneels Dead - According to Georg Ratzinger He Was “Not Catholic“

Ultraliberal, pro-abortion, pro-gay Brussels Cardinal Godfried Danneels, 85, has died (March 14). Pope Francis issued a French telegram calling him as “zealous pastor” and praising his alleged attent…
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The day he found that all he strived for became his own damnation. He has probably by now discovered that the "Gay friendly, baser, Jesus he admired so much was not the real Jesus - only Satan hoodwinking him. Satan's first punishment has been to remind him forever, of his mistake in believing perversity is pure .............
God have mercy on his soul. However there is NO hope all souls are saved unlike some "catholic" clergy say.
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Poor man; He chose the glory of this life instead of the next likes this.
Cardinal Godfried Danneels dead, Cardinal Godfried Danneels Judgement day. likes this.
Catholics as a % of Population in Belgium
1981: 72%
2009: 50%

Weekly Mass attendance in Belgium
1979: 69%
2009: 5.4%
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Danneels was likely aiming for that, like his St Gallen peers and creature Bergoglio sexual perversity and unbelief in those foul old men. likes this.
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Belgian politicians testified in 2015 that the King said he would not sign, even if the Pope asked it & that it had nothing to do with his Catholicism: being married without children he felt it his duty to protect the unborn. Danneels refused to comment.
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One more comment from Seidenspinner
Pope Francis normalizes everything that makes good Christians sick to their stomach.
All other trees that cannot bare fruit will also parish...just wait and see...
For everyone on Gloria TV. Let this post be proof that God is always in control. The author of life “Jesus” can give and take life whenever he pleases....

Pray for this man’s soul...
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