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Bishop Shoots a Man during Hunt

Bjelovar-Križevci Bishop Vjekoslav Huzjak, 58, Croatia, went hunting with others on January 11 when he shot a member of his hunting party. Huzjak is known for being a passionate hunter. The hunt took…
Holy Cannoli
In his defense, the bishop said that the wounded man was wearing a boar outfit in order to lure wild boar from their hideouts in the forest. Anybody could have mistaken the man for a wild boar, the bishop said.
Maybe he needs specs.....
"criminal charges" ... but the abusers can just receive a little slap on the hand for mistreating, destroying and killing a young life ...
Jim Dorchak
Either he is a good shot or a really bad one.... being a hunter of boar myself, I am going with a Good shot.
90 meters away ??? Must have been a ricochet .