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The highest feeling in our life

Father Reto Nay 10th of February 2016 More
Uncle Joe
Dear Don Reto Nay,

It's much better that merely the "glasses are old and weak" rather than...
Don Reto Nay
@Uncle Joe: I am happy that you realized how tough it is to live in holy poverty and to suffer in public for it in front of the eyes of everybody. The glasses are old and weak.
Dear Father Nay
From this day forward!
Thanks be to God.

Thank you Father Nay
Holy Mary, Mother of God: The Immaculate Conception
Pray for us
Harmonia celestiala
We should not be sad when we fast and should never feel pity for our self, so we can't see the sorrows of the others. We should instead show them to look up to God and forget the own sadness. This could be a happy feeling through lent.
Thank you for this joyful homily and for your raising up.
Father Reto, thank you. You clear away all of the brush and quickly get to the heart of things for us.
@Uncle Joe, I think you've just revealed the reason I have such a strong preference for contact lenses!
Uncle Joe
A good thought for lent !


Your glasses are slipping too far down your nose. Either your nose has already gotten skinnier from the Lenten fast (highly doubtful) or the glasses have loosened and need to be tightened up a little so that you don't appear to be looking through the very top of them. However, be careful if you try to adjust them yourself so that you don't … More
Thankyou Father.