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Lutheran Church: "Homosexuality is Part of Creation"

Photo ~ Crucifix with Rainbow flag: the Evangelical Church evaluates homosexual partnerships Edit: despite the fact that there are quite a few German Catholic Bishops pushing for the legalization of …
Let's put it in a clear, simple and crude way. How can it be that a certain man inserting his sexual organ inside the fetid lower end of the digestive tube of another man, be considered "normal"? And frankly, why would someone want to do such an unreasonable thing?
"Never fall for that Wonderland logic." Great line!

And, its also known as fuzzy, creative or modern logic. I once took a symbolic logic class and was asked about it by my grandfather, who was a farmer with an 8th grade education. He said, "let me get this straight, you just learned how to justify anything, stealing, murder and rape, or say that a horse really isn't a horse, or that I'm … More
Uncle Joe
"Homosexuality can be seen as part of creation"

Irrelevant and not proven. Even if it were true, you could say that childhood cancer is also part of creation. That does not mean that measures should not be taken to address the ravages of cancer or the destructive mental disease of sodomy.

This represents one of the Left’s greatest talents — the ability to turn the world upside down and make … More